Winter Gift Giving Guides

The Holiday season is upon us and there are SO many surrounding the Winter Solstice, but at the end of the day they all share one goal. To brighten our lives during the darkest days of the year. To love on our family and friends when, traditionally, they were at a higher risk of not surviving the season.

Some will say that the holidays are all about consumerism, but I think it’s what you make of it. However you choose to celebrate your loved ones IS the gift. I personally enjoy gift giving. I like searching for that perfect thing that they’ll love. Whether it’s scouring the shops, or curling up with a ball of yarn and my crochet hook, I enjoy the process. The love you pour into your gifts is what matters. The same love can be found in a fancy new gaming console or a new sketchbook and pencils. It’s not about the cost until YOU make it about that. It’s about the thought.

For the Buttons we try to stick to the Wear, Read, Want, Need, formula, plus a “family gift”. (and they get ONE gift each from Santa, but that’s his business….) I find this formula works well in that it keeps me organized and on budget, but also the kids don’t have unrealistic expectations because we use the same formula every year.

Now, I’ll be honest, I’m an add-er. I can’t just put one shirt in and call that “something to wear”. I’m gonna add some stuff! I need it to at least be an outfit, maybe some accessories…..maybe a cute hat I saw….It’s not as easy as it looks, stop judging me! My point is, I’m deep into it now so I’m going to share some of my favourite finds with you over the rest of the season! So tune in every Saturday for my weekly Gift Giving Guides!

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