Ten Years of BB&B

Ten years ago, heartbroken, and feeling out of control, I sat down at my desk. I wanted to write. I wanted to put my feelings down somewhere that any other woman suffering through a miscarriage could read it, and feel even a tiny bit less alone. Ten years ago, I started this blog!

My very first post, Sally, wasn’t long. It was tough to write, but I knew that I needed to. For myself. Writing has always been something that brought me some semblance of peace. Somewhere to either get out of my head or dive right into it. Something personal, but also something to share.

Sally & Me

(Read Sally Here)

The blog has changed a lot over the years. I didn’t know what or how to do it, and I’m still learning now. I’ve tried so many different things, so many different voices. Forever attempting to find the me in my writing. This has given me a place to practice and hone. A place to vent. A place to share. A place to forge new connections. When I stared this thing I was 26 years old. Sad, scared, a little broken, but also excited, and optimistic about what was to come. O was on the way, and it felt like our life was really getting started.

And some of you were there too. So many of you have been here from the start and I am so incredibly grateful for you. Thankful for your time, your love, and your support. I truly appreciate you reading and sharing my blog over the years. Sticking it out with me through all of the changes, the restarts, and the time lapses. You mean the world to me.

Thank you to all of the new readers as well. Thank you for giving me a chance, and allowing me to share this little piece of me with you.

SO much has changed since “BeadsBobbles&Blogs” rolled out, the title, the format, new babies, and new adventures, but the heart remains the same. I’m still here, trying to find my writing voice. Trying to share the things that matter to me, and I hope you’ll keep following me on this journey.

So here’s to another ten years! I can’t wait to see where life takes me.