Gift Guide: The Ollie One

Something They Want

I have it on very good authority that O has this Lego Minecraft Pirate ship set on his Christmas letter to Santa this year! If you have a construction and engineering minded kid in your life, Lego + Minecraft is always a winning combo! (LEGO Minecraft Pirate Ship Adventure at Chapters/Indigo)

Something They Need

*If you have an O type kid, you know they love toys with a million pieces. This 3 Sprouts mat has a lip so pieces don’t go astray, and folds up into a tote bag shape with convenient handles to carry or hang. This thing has saved my sanity on many an occasion! (3 Sprouts Play Mat in Fox at

Something To Wear

*O loves simple. He loves cozy. He loves red. Hatley and Indigo came together on this years union suits and they are hella cute and perfect for the whole family! Imagine the photos! (Hatley x Indigo Kids Union Suit in Holiday Stripe at Chapters/Indigo)

Something To Read

Dream Jumper by Greg Grunberg (yes, THAT Greg Grunberg from Heroes!!!) has been read and approved by the resident 9 year old! O loved this graphic novel and is very much looking forward to the sequel (which is already out so be sure to grab both!) (Dream Jumper Book One: Nightmare Escape at Chapters/Indigo)

Stocking Stuffers

Rubik’s Cube 2×2

*Drink In The Box Reusable drink box

*BeadsBobbles &Buttons Crochet Nesting Bowls

Something for the whole family!

If you have a Nintendo Switch, this game is perfect for the whole fam! The Buttons got it last Christmas and they’re still playing it together! Everyone likes sucking their siblings up as Kirby! (Super Smash Bros Ultimate on Nintendo Switch at Chapters/Indigo)

*Canadian Companies

Happy Shopping!



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