Gift Guide: The Eva One

Something They Want

If you have a crafty kid like E, you probably already know about Kid Made Modern. They make the most amazing kits that cover a variety of interests. E loves stringing beautiful necklaces and this kit comes with everything you need to get started! (Kid Made Modern Jewelry Jam at

Something They Need

Every artist knows that supplies are always in need and if they’re really serious about their art it may be time to upgrade their mediums. The Crayola Signature line is a great in between for intermediate artists. Nicer supplies at parent friendly prices! (Crayola Signature Brush & Detail Dual Tip Markers at

Something To Wear

*Now The Buttons have crochet housecoats (House Hoodies) but if don’t wield the powers of yarn manipulation these Indigo Kids housecoats will get the job done. Perfect for keeping warm around the house, snuggling in while reading on the couch, or slipping on over your jammies for a bedtime snack! Plus it has unicorns on it so E is on board! (Indigo Kids Robe in Unicorn at Chapters/Indigo)

Something To Read

E received the first edition of this book for her birthday and she’s gotten a lot of use out of it. It brings together her love of drawing and Pokemon and she’s all about art tutorials right now! E approved! (How To Draw Pokemon Deluxe Edition at Chapters/Indigo)

Stocking Stuffers!

*BeadsBobbles &Buttons Ear Warmer

L.O.L Surprise Dolls Sparkle Series

*Pure Anada Raspberry Razzle Princess Lotion

Something for the whole family!

E may have inherited my hair, but she definitely inherited her fathers gaming gene! His whole family plays Aggravation, and I mean so much so that his grandfather built homemade boards! We have this one and E loves it! It can get real loud around the table when this game’s out! (Kroeger’s Aggravation at Chapters/Indigo)

*Canadian Companies

Happy Shopping!



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