Gift Guide: The Grey One

Something They Want

G’s two great loves are imagination play and animals, so this Playmobil vet set was a huge hit with her! We also got her the “dog walker” so she’d have extra dogs and she’s been playing with them ever since! (Playmobil Carrying Case-Vet at Chapters/Indigo)

Something They Need

This is for plushies…just accept that she’s filling it with plushies. Go ahead and get 10. If you have a G at home, you probably have stuffed animals up to your ears so bins are a must! (3 Sprouts Storage Bin- Deer at

Something To Wear

*Not even going to front, I already bought it for her birthday! DO NOT TELL HER!!! Canadian, sweater dress, pompoms, AND balloon sleeves….that’s too cute to pass up! She’s going to love it! (BIRDZ Children & Co PomPom Dress at

Something To Read

A Unicorn AND a Yeti? Yes, please! As she works through her BOB Books, Early Readers are about to become G’s bread and butter. What better way to build up that love of reading than filling her shelves with fun and colourful stories she’ll want to read? I can’t wait for her to get into these! (Unicorn & Yeti Sparkly New Friends by Heather Ayrls Burnell at Chapters/Indigo)

Stocking Stuffers

*Pure Anada Princess Glitter

*BeadsBobbles &Buttons Crochet Bonnet

Squishable Mini Comfort Food (Pineapple)

Something for the whole family!

Combining her love if animals and acting, Hedbanz jr. is the perfect game for your resident G. The silliness of the headbands makes little kids giggle and this version is easy enough the whole family can play! (Hedbanz jr. at

*Canadian Companies

Happy Shopping!



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