Gift Guide: The Green One

Something They Want

*Pure Anada’s Zero-Waste Maven gift set is a great starting point for anyone who wants to start the new year on the right foot! We, personally use beeswax wraps, mason jars, reusable straws, and that BNTO mason jar insert in our own kitchen, so I love this set! Someone get it and let me know how that shampoo bar and conditioner bar work out!!! (Zero-Waste Maven Gift Set at Pure Anada)

Something They Need

*Abeego Beeswax Food Wraps are a great way to store your leftovers plastic free! This simple combination of cloth and beeswax can be rolled, scrunched, folded, or even wrapped over a bowl. If your looking to curb your plastic use, these are a great addition to your kitchen! (Abeego Beeswax Food Wraps at Pure Anada)

Something To Wear

*Now I’m no stranger to Colibri’s snack bags (’cause kids be snackin’) but look at this sweet little clutch they made! You can take it out on the town or pack your toiletries inside for a trip. A good bag that can be used time and time again is paramount in your eco-friendly arsenal! (Colibri Grab & Go Clutch at Pure Anada)

Something To Read

*Ecoholic Body by Canadian Journalist Adria Vasil, is sure to become a staple on your eco friendliest friends bookshelf. So often we focus on the pig picture but forget that it takes a lot of little pictures to make it up. It starts with you, inside and out, and Adria’s book is packed with info to get your started! This one may even turn up under MY tree this year… (Ecoholic Body by Adria Vasil at Pure Anada)

Stocking Stuffers

*Deb’s Claze Pottery Soap Dish

*BeadsBobbles & Buttons Re-usable Cotton Facial Rounds

*Colibri Organic Cotton Wash Cloths

*Canadian Companies

Happy Shopping!



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