Gift Guide: The Last Minute One

Okay, you messed up! We’re down to the wire here and the shops are packed wall to wall with all of the chumps who loath shopping but annually choose to save it until the last minute. These same people will choose to take this out on every retail employee they come across so please be kind to your cashiers! I’m going to change my Gift Guide formula up for a Top 5 list instead!

Top 5 Last Minute Gift Tips


If you frequent Etsy regularly you’re no stranger to the search filters down the left hand side, but did you know that you can narrow your search down even further than just CANADA? That’s right, you can punch in your own town and find the shops closest to you. This is a great way to get last minute gifts because by contacting the seller (in the comment section of your order) you can usually pick said item up yourself instead of having them ship it out! A great way to find a unique gift AND support a local business!

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Although they’l still have to wait fro their physical gift to arrive (in the form of their first box) that anticipation is kind of built into the whole premise of a subscription box. Not only that but it’s a gift that keeps on giving! There are so many different subscription boxes o the market to choose from it won’t be hard to find the perfect one for your loved one.

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E-books (or even e-gift cards for e-books) is a quick and easy gift. They get to choose the book they’ve had their eye on and they can download it right away and start reading instead of waiting to run out to the shops. The only caveat here is that you need to make sure they have a smartphone or (preferably in my opinion) a tablet to read it on! (Another great option is Kobo’s Audio Book Subscription!)

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An electronic gift card is a go-to sure, BUT some people genuinely appreciate a good old fashion shopping spree! As parents we never want to spend money on ourselves so there’s definitely something freeing about purchasing a frivolous little thing on someone else’s dollar!

Bang For Your Buck


Pinterest y’all! Honestly, even if you’re not crafty, there are so many cute ideas for gift baskets in a variety of containers! From mason jar to gift bag to woven basket. Simple ideas that go a long way because of the effort you put in.

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Whatever you end p getting I’m sure it will be prefect. As much as it may not seem like it sometimes, the thought really is what counts. Be it a gift, cookie, card, or call, people just like to be remembered.

Happy Gifting!



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