Books on Our Shelf For National Family Literacy Day

If you know me, you know I love reading. All kinds of reading too, whether it be poems, short stories, blogs, novels, graphic novels, comics, or magazines! I love stories, but I also love information. I’m definitely the type to (accidentally) get stuck in a Wikipedia spiral for an hour just reading up on cases of Folie A Deux…

I think it’s incredibly important to expose your children to a variety of reading material. Not only because it works and stretches their brains in different ways, but because it gives them the opportunity to fall in love with reading. So many people try to impose their reading snobbery on others (especially kids) but all that does is breed resentment. Reading shouldn’t feel like drudgery. Not for kids and not for you! Read the classics, sure, but feel free to read the silly, to read a little trash, to read all of the ones with pictures. The more you explore what’s out there the more you’ll fall in love with reading. And the best part is your kids will SEE you do it.

So in honour of National Family Literacy Day on the 27th, here’s a peak at our bookshelf these days!

J (age 4)

G (age 6)

E (age 8)

O (age 9)

C (ahem…)

B (adult-ish)

What will you and yours be reading on National Family Literacy Day?



*Canadian Authors

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