Top 5: Eco-Swaps 2020

I dedicated December to Gift Guides so it’s been a minute since you got a new Top 5 list. Let’s get back into it!

Many people have “be more green” or “be more eco-conscious” on their New Year’s Resolution lists. It’s easy to have lofty goals but it starts small. Simple ways that add up to a big impact. Breaking the task into workable chunks keeps you from getting overwhelmed and giving up. So without further ado..

My Top 5 Eco-Swaps for 2020

One of the biggest but easiest to curb culprits in most homes are single-use/disposable items. In some cases they are absolutely unnecessary and most people can probably discontinue use, but some became popular in the first place because they are relatively useful. There’s also the ol’ knee jerk reaction that people have when told they can’t have something they want. When I’m shopping for something new I try to think about how long an item will last. Can we use it over and over again? What materials is it made from and what is their function (ie:are they necessary)? Over the last few years I’ve made a few swaps of my own that I love!

Beeswax Wraps

*Beeswax wraps are just sticky enough to stick to themselves without being tacky so they’re not only great for wrapping leftovers whole but work well as a glass bowl or mason jar cover. (Abeego Beeswax Wraps at

Re-Useable Cotton Facial Rounds

*So many tiny disposable cotton rounds tossed in the trash overnight just to remove a little make-up? Crochet rounds get the job done quick but can be washed and used again and again. Easy peasy! (BeadsBobblesButtons Puffy Cotton Facial Rounds)

Reusable Straws

*Besides a few exceptions, for the average family, stocking disposable straws is simply unnecessary. But as a mom I know full well that there are drinks/occasions where a straw will save you a mess. The Buttons are also little though so safety concerns over glass or metal straws are also valid. Silicone is a nice in-between. (Colibri Silicone Straws at

Water Bottle

For many of us, clean drinking water is as easy as trip to the kitchen sink, yet an overwhelming amount of people are still out buying bottled water. I saw a quote that something along the lines of “Nestle doesn’t make water, they MAKE plastic bottles”. Think about that for a minute. That water is coming from our fresh water supplies. You’re paying to have your own water sent through a (barely regulated) system similar to the one our country already uses to clean our tap water, and then packaged for your “convenience”. It’s the greatest long-con in the history of long-cons! If you’re luck enough to live in a place that already cleans and pumps water right to your house, go ahead and grab yourself a re-useable water bottle! Honestly, they gave them out when I was in grade 4 and our whole school was part of a green program. That was in the 90’s! We’re past the point of excuses! (The Big Bottle Co. Jet Black 2.2L is at

Dryer Sheets

*Dryer Sheets are one of the easiest single use items to ditch. At the end of the day, a little static probably won’t ruin your day, so you could simply go without, BUT no one wants six shocks a day! There are a few options on the market to replace dryer sheets so it won’t be hard for you to find something you like. Silicon balls work great and are very long lasting. Some people like re-usable sheets because they can come scented or you can add a few drop of essential oil if that’s your jam. I, personally, use wool balls. I find the hard ball shape works better at cutting static than the sheets and you can still add a few drops of essential oil if you like because they’re absorbent. The best part is that once they do start breaking down you can compost them because they’re JUST wool! (Moss Creek Wool Dryer Balls at

Other Easy Swaps:

Stop throwing out filters by switching to a French Press
Love your coffee machine? Swap out your paper filter for a reusable cotton one!
If you love a hot bevy like I do, get yourself a good tumbler.
Get your dusting done again and again with a re-usable dusting cloth.

If you’re sitting on a stack of cloth pre-folds (cloth diapers) they make great “paper” towels! I keep an old stack in the kitchen for all kinds of spills.
Swap out anything with heavy chemicals and scents for more natural ingredients. Even better if they sell refill jugs to cut down on waste!

Where in your home can you make small swaps? What are your go-to green tips? Let me know in the comments. The more we share, the easier it is for others to get on board!



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