Top 5: Canadian Lifestyle Bloggers Who Happen to Mom!

All Canadians know that if you want to find Canadian content you have to really look for it. It’s not always as easy as throwing up a basic search. Our media is heavily inundated by American content and the fact is we don’t necessarily share the same experiences, opinions, products, or trends. I love when I stumble upon a great blog from a fellow Canadian and I’m sure you do too, so here’s a handful that are currently in my reading rotation!

Oneika The Traveller

I started following Oneika Raymond awhile back because she’s a dope travel blogger and her IG photos give me life! I also love that she brings a bit of Carribean Canadian flavour to her blog which is always welcome. Oneika’s a new mom now too, so that extra motherhood layer is blooming and I’m looking forward to following her travels with the babe!

PMQ For Two

I discovered Ariel’s blog through a Facebook group we’re both in for spouses of Canadian Forces members. When she started the blog it was about decorating PMQ’s (military housing) and what that life is like, but since then she’s expanded her personal business, added a precious babe, and bought her own home! Her website is so colourful and joyful making it a great place to check in and read!


Natalie Bell has great energy! Her blog covers a variety of topics from motherhood to fitness to natural hair care to highlighting black Canadian woman but I especially love her enthusiasm for her hometown of Winnipeg. I’ve yet to get out that way, but if and when I do, her blog will certainly be part of my research! I’m so here for the #locallove!


This is actually a blog collective run formed by Tenille Cambell. They don’t necessarily focus on motherhood specifically but on womanhood, Indigenous Womanhood, as a whole. That being said, there are plenty of great posts about parenting and motherhood and loads of gorgeous photography. As I’m not Indigenous Canadian I also love hearing about their experiences in our country in their own voices. As women of colour there are some experience we share, but many we don’t and I acknowledge that and want to hear and learn.

Globetrotting Mama

Heather Greenwood Davis is a Canadian Journalist and mom raising global citizens! She blogs about traveling the world with her husband and two sons. I love following their adventures learning about different cultures and trying new things.

Who’s blogs are you reading these days? Share in the comments!