Top 5: Green Spring Cleaning Products

My friends back home tell me Spring is in the air. I can’t tell because there’s still snow up to my eyeballs here, but I’ll take their word for it. Spring in Canada isn’t like Spring in the movies, where everyone is wearing flowery dresses and strappy sandals. It’s still cold here, and there’s still snow. Every year there’s a snow storm around Easter and every year everyone acts surprised. It’s tradition! That being said, it doesn’t mean we don’t want NEED it to be Spring already and the first step to getting there is the annual Spring Clean!

So without further ado…

Top 5: Green Spring Cleaning Products

A good set of cloths can go a long way! e-cloth has a variety of different cloths and towels to help you get the job done free of harsh chemicals. I have a shining cloth that works on windows, mirrors, and faucets. Between that and the cloth diaper inserts I saved for spills, we were able to eliminate paper-towels from our cleaning repertoire! (e-cloth Home Cleaning set at

*Nature Clean has a whole line of cleaning products made with natural ingredients. I started with their Dishwasher Pods and Rinse Agent, but have since added their Toilet Cleaner, Laundry Detergent, Dishwashing Liquid, Liquid Bleach, and Multi-Surface Cleaner! I’m always happy to support a Canadian Company making great products! (Nature Clean Multi-Surface Cleaner at

White Vinegar. I don’t have a fancy link for that. It’s 2 bucks for a jug at any grocery store. There’s always vinegar in my house. I use if for all kinds of things! Add it to your floor wash, throw it in a spray bottle for bathtub tiles or to kill odours in fabric (curtains, couch), mix it with cold water to clean your fruits and veg when you get home from the shop…there are so many options! White Vinegar is the easiest and cheapest natural cleaner and should be in everyone’s arsenal!

*Straight up Baking Soda! This is an absolute staple in every home. A container full in the fridge to absorb odours, mix it with olive oil for the perfect goo-gone, shake it around your sink to add a little extra scrubbing action while cleaning, brush your teeth with it once in awhile to help whiten your smile, shake it on your carpet or in your shoes to absorb odour and then vacuum it up, and the list goes on. Baking Soda is so versatile and easy to use! Simply Clean gets bonus points for being a Canadian Company but also for using the simplest packaging ever; A good old fashioned paper bag! (Simply Clean Pure Baking Soda at

As mentioned above, I don’t buy paper towels. I saved a bunch of cloth diaper inserts to use for soaking up messes, but for those that never cloth diapered these are a great alternative to paper towels. Absorbent and reusable, these spongy clothes will help you tackle any spills and better yet, If You Care takes sourcing and responsible business practices very seriously so you know that what you’re getting isn’t just good for you, but for everyone along the production line! (If You Care 100% Natural Sponge Cloths at

As the freezing winds wind down into gentler breezes, crack your window ever so slightly, crank your favourite Spring Playlist, and get your clean on!



*Canadian Companies

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