Notes From Your Introverts

Alright you extroverted sons of guns! I know you’re struggling. Your busybody energy is probably already bouncing off the walls while your introvert friends are living their best blanket-fort lives! So here’s some things that keep us busy in the comfort of our own homes!

Info Spiralling

We love a good Spiral. You-Tube Spiralling is the most basic. You go in looking for this one particular video, but then you catch a Supernatural Blooper real out of the corner of your eye and the next thing you know you’re reliving your tweens watching clips of Jenson Ackles on Days Of Our Lives…it happens! Parents love a good Baby Photo Spiral. Let me just find that one funny photo when he spilled the smoothie…boom! You’re staring at a photo of you, somehow thin AND pregnant AND well-rested. Other great Spirals I love getting lost in are Wikipedia Spirals (do you know what Folie-A-Deux is? Well…enjoy….) and Pinterest Spirals because everyone needs to curate their perfect luxury backyard, even though they don’t like wind, cold, bugs, or bbq-ing…

Wikipedia Spirals go hand-in-hand with binging period movies/shows loosely based on reality like The Crown and Vikings. I can barely enjoy the show without simultaneously reading about them or looking up their clothes to see how accurate the wardrobe department got it! I love it!


Simultaneously binge watching tv/movies while learning things? Best of both worlds! CBC Docs has great mini-docs covering a variety of topics from Canadian history, Canadian Figures, and current events.

Netflix has a smattering (if you will) of great Docs. Food, Farming, Health, Fashion, Musicians, Artists, Journalists, Writers, and the all consuming Crime genre! I mostly prefer a solid doc over a theatrical take on a true story. I like facts over interpretation so that I can form my own (possibly outlandish) opinions especially when it comes to the Crime documentaries.


Obviously. OBVIOULSY! Here’s the thing though, don’t feel pressured by book snobs to read shit you don’t care about. Reading shouldn’t be drudgery. If you don’t read for pleasure often take this time to explore all of the different genres. Try to erase what you were told as a kid. Pictures are good! Comics aren’t just for kids! Just because it’s easy to read doesn’t mean it’s not worth reading. Check out the YA section. Those teens go on some great adventures. Get all of your snacks, and fill your drink. Dive in. It will be worth it!

The shops are closed, so ordering (*Chapters/Indigo has free shipping until the end of the month!) or e-books are both options. Some libraries have e-books that you can “borrow” by signing up with them. I, personally, use the *Kobo app on my iPad when I read an e-book. Audio books are also a great choice because you can throw it on when you’re making dinner or going for a walk.

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We crafty people are obviously at an advantage in that we never stopped being artsy. We usually have a few projects on the go that we can pick up any time. Crocheting, writing, painting, sketching the list goes on. Sometimes though, children who aren’t particularly artistically gifted are made to believe that art isn’t for them. ART IS FOR EVERYONE! You don’t have to master it, you just have to enjoy it. Pour yourself into it. Even the good ones make mistakes. Even the masters step back from a project sometimes and just have to laugh. So, your forte is in the stick man department. Who cares? Have fun with it! It’s about getting your mind and hands moving. About letting your creative energy out.

Kitchen Dance Parties

Just because we don’t like hitting’ da’ club, doesn’t mean we don’t like getting our dance on! Crank up your favourite dancy jams. Do your most risquée moves! No one’s around to see them anyway. You can always FaceTime a friend and have a dance party together. This works particularly well with kids, because they give zero-f’s and they have the most fun!


People sometimes have such a hate on for Technology. “No one connects anymore because their faces are always stuck in a phone”. First of all Linda, I’d rather be texting my actual friends than chit-chatting with creepy Jim on the bus! Get real! Technology has actually given us so many avenues to stay connected to the people that matter to us. We’re a Canadian Forces family. That means we don’t get to choose where we live and when we’re sent across the country it’s nice to have those options available. So send your sister some silly filter snaps, FaceTime your parents, start a new text group, text your mom some pictures of her grandbabies! When we were young and lived in the same city my best friend came over every week so we could watch Gilmore Girls together. Instead of breaking that tradition when she moved away, we decided to pick a new show each time one ran out and save the episode to watch at the same time every week. We start it at the same time and text each other throughout the episode about what’s happening. We’ve gone through Gossip Girl, Parenthood, a small stretch of Scream Queens (wasn’t great) and now we’re on This Is Us! It’s fun and keeps us connected even when our lives are super busy.

Get Moving

No one said you had to sit around all day. Get your yoga (Yoga With Adriene on YouTube is a good one!) on, check out some workout videos on YouTube, go for a run or a walk. Yeah, you can go for a walk BUT DON’T BE OUT THERE RUNNING YOUR MOUTH YOU GD CHATTY-CATHY! No matter how much you want to! Take a quiet street or nature path near your house.

I know it’s not easy to stay home when you’re a busy-body. I get it. You can do this though! Be creative, be open to new things, text your introverted friends for inspiration. They might be reading but they’ll text you back eventually….promise!

To my fellow introverts, check on your fun friends. The ones that drag you out dancing on your birthday and always show up when you have an idea. This is our time to shine!



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