Top 5: Spring Celebrations In The Age Of Isolation

The Hunger Games Easter egg hunts are obviously cancelled this year and the grumbling is beginning. I get it, you’re bummed that you have to put a family tradition aside. I’m reminded every Spring that people actually dress their kids in fancy outfits and then drag them into a muddy field to duke it out over chocolate eggs. It’s not that we didn’t do anything for Easter growing up, it’s just that we never did that! The Easter Bunny has always set up an in-house hunt for us. (I’m from Ottawa, y’all know full well there’s usually a snowstorm around this time) We usually spent the afternoons chasing sunshine with our bubbles and dodging melting snow piles with our new skipping ropes. We’d visit family friends or cousins and spend the day burning off our candy breakfasts. I’ve continued this tradition with my own kids and it has served us well.

Minus the friends/cousins (sadly) we’ll be doing more of the same this year. I know this is a hard time for a lot of people. It’s scary. Families are dealing with a lot of hardships. It’s okay to feel a little disconnected to these holidays. Don’t be afraid to dial it back. You don’t have to do THE MOST.

Here are some tips for your 2020 Easter/Ostara/Spring celebrations!

Top 5: Spring Celebrations in the age of Isolation

The Big Bun

The Easter Bunny has to hit a lot of houses and can’t be expected to do it all! They’re in charge of hidden eggs. Just like Santa can only bring one gift per child, the Bunny can only really handle one job. That’s enough. Anything extra is on us and that’s something most kids can understand. Simple extras like sugar cookies or hot chocolate with brunch can be a fun addition to the day.

The Add-Ons

Growing up we usually got a few little toys to bring us into the warmer months. Skipping ropes, bubbles, marbles, sidewalk chalk. They don’t usually cost a lot and some of them can be found at the same stores you’re going to for your essentials. (I’m not suggesting a whole shopping trip for this stuff. Only if you’re already getting food!) Rainboots and/or umbrellas have been a hit here as well.


Spring is a time of renewal. Animals are stretching their legs and wings after a long Winter. This makes it a great time to make bird feeders, clean up your yards, or plant your seeds indoors. If you don’t have a yard doing a nature based scavenger hunt on a walk can be fun. Looking for little signs of Spring can lift your spirits.

Window Games

There are a few window games going on right now. Teddy Bears, Rainbows, and/or Easter Eggs are being mounted in windows around our communities for kids to find during family walks. This is a great way to feel a little bit of community connection while we’re all social-distancing. Bring paper and pencil to tally your findings!


Kids love crafts, silly outfits, and doing things as a family. Not everyone is sitting on a stockpile of decorations or had time to pick up cutesy matching outfits before all of the stores closed. That’s okay! It’s time to think outside the box. Maybe you’re not the craftiest person around, but chances are your kids don’t actually care. Bring in little bits of nature. Colour your eggs with your good ol’ crayons markers. You don’t need a kit. Get into it and have a little fun. Have a mis-match outfit day or put together your own fancy outfits by pulling together items/clothes from all over the house! Remember, the perfect family photo isn’t the one where everyone has the perfect outfit. It’s the one where everyone’s having a good time.

I know it’s hard right now. It’s hard to get excited about holidays, birthdays, and special occasions. The world is hurting. Spring is here though. It may feel like we’re at a stand still but the signs are all around us. Raindrops and melting snow. That little stream of water running along side the slush. Tiny brown buds slowly speckling branches. A few eager blades of grass reaching out from the murky yellow. Time marches on. The Season of renewal, rebirth, and revitalisation is upon us and that’s something worth celebrating.



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