Canadian Environment Week HS Resources

In Canada, early June is Environment Week. This includes Canada Clean Air Day on June 3rd and World Environment Day on the 5th. This is a great time to work the health of our planet into your learning plan so I wanted to share some great resources with you so that you can plan ahead.

This years Environment Day theme is “Biodiversity” and is being hosted by Colombia in partnership with Germany. (Last year we were the host!) -All the info you need to get your young learners started as we celebrate Environment Week here in Canada. They have a great list of links and printables to explore throughout the week. -Environment & Climate Change Canada has this great program that encourages kids to be stuarts of this planet. Loads of great information and fun hands-on activities/challenges to keep them engaged and learning. They have a great app and membership is free.

The Buttons are card-carrying Earth Rangers! -great information about Canada Clean Air Day with suggestions for fun activities you can do as a family. -as this years theme is ‘Biodiversity’ this link will take you to The David Suzuki Foundation’s Biodiversity page full of great info and beautiful photos.

WorldEnvironmentDay.Global -explore environmental issues at iconic locations around the world on their interactive map. -learn about biodiversity with a focus on pandemics, and peruse their collection of nature articles.

Environment Week is a wonderful time for kids and adults alike to learn about our planet. From the tinniest insects, to the air we breath, we’re all connected. We can do better than we have at taking care and part of that is raising the next generation of eco-warriors, animals lovers, global citizens, and gentle hearts.

Happy Canadian Environment Week!