Top 5: Summer Vibes On NetflixCA

Summer is finally here and if you’re like me setting the tone for the season with the right entertainment is key. Movies, shows, and the perfect playlist is what’s up when the weather turns warm, so here are a few of my favourites offered on Netflix Canada right now!

Classic Summer: Dirty Dancing

Those high-waisted denim shorts, those curls, those keds? Baby carried the hell out of those watermelons and we were there for it! Dreamy Summer backdrops, banging soundtrack, great dance sequences, and Swayze to boot! (is it even Summer without Swayze?) This is a quintessential Summer must-watch.

Nostalgic Summer: My Girl

Put on your rose-coloured glasses and let Veda throw you right back to the innocence and hardships of growing up. From mood-rings to morticians to big crushes and real love, this movie captures a snapshot of what it felt like to be a tween in the Summer.

Feel Good Summer: Crazy Rich Asians

This is a great rom com that explores cultural expectations within families but also gives you full on vacay fomo! Since we can’t go anywhere (because of covid but also because….you see, the way my bank account is set up….) this brings the beauty and culture of a host of Asian locals to your living room. The story is really good too!

DocuSummer: Expedition Happiness

Follow this couple from Germany on a diy adventure across North America. Let’s live out our ruined Summer adventures by living vicariously through them and their adorable dog Rudi.

Summer 2020: Outer Banks

I’ll be honest, I thought this would be kind of bad. I was really swayed by the song that plays in the trailer! Turns out I was wrong. It’s actually kind of great. It’s a teen show (with a cast of 20-somethings) but it’s fun! It’s the Summer treasure hunt adventure I didn’t know I needed. Kind of a teen Goonies!

Also worth checking out:

Turn Up Charlie (2019)

Hearts Beat Loud (2018)

Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga (2020)

Not on Netflix Canada but worth looking for:

Barefoot In The Park (1967)

The Sapphires (2012)

Now and Then (1995)