Summer Solstice Celebrations

The sun is out, the breeze is warm, and Summer is nearly officially here! You may not usually celebrate the Solstice but since we’re all still social distancing it doesn’t hurt to add in some more “fun” days! If you’re a regular celebrator let me know what your favourite traditions are in the comments!

National Indigenous Peoples Day

As National Indigenous Peoples Day falls on the Solstice every year I like to incorporate some lessons for the kids. (find my list of resources here!) Celebrating Indigenous culture is a celebration of the foundations of our country. Their culture is so rich and vibrant and in some instances echoes our families West Indian traditions. Spend the morning listening to Indigenous Canadian musicians, learning about their different kinds of dances and their meanings, or doing a craft steeped in their many different art forms. It’s important to learn the difference between appropriation and celebration and the best time to start is when they’re young. Representation matters and the more we learn and share our cultures the more open and well-rounded our children become.

Father’s Day

Add Father’s Day to the staggering list of “days” this weekend too! With social distancing still encouraged it’s the perfect time to spend the day outdoors. Eat brunch on the balcony, pack a picnic lunch and head to the nearest stretch of grass. If you’ve got a BBQ dad, dinner’s sorted! Head out to your local walking/hiking trails for a day in the sun. I found this great app called All Trails that I use to find local trails. It has maps, info about the trail, and hiker reviews which is especially helpful when you want to head out with kids. Summer is officially here, double up the celebration!


People of a witchy/pagan persuasion have flocked to Stonehenge during the Solstice for generations. There are many theories about what the stones represent or do, but I think we can all agree that they’re dope as hell and command some sort of attention. Due to Covid-19 English Heritage will be live streaming sunrise and sunset at Stonehenge. For those of us that can’t afford a trip to England any time soon this is a great opportunity to experience the majesty of Stonehenge at it’s peak. If you have play dough and rocks you can also build your own with your kids making it a fun and educational Solstice activity!

(This book is no longer available but there is a Where Is Stonehenge geared towards kids at Chapters/Indigo)

The New Moon

This year the longest day will be followed by a dark night. The New Moon isn’t really the absence of light but the beginning of a new moon cycle. It’s a fresh start. With all of this rejuvenating energy in the air what a great time to release the things that no longer serve you and send out your wishes, dreams, and goals into the universe. Many people do this in different ways. Herbal baths, specific candles, writing their goals on dry leaves and burning them or burying them. I like little traditions that fall on the more practical side. Planting seeds, filling bird feeders, making a dandelion bouquet for the kitchen window, or even taping your goal list to your water bottle so that as you nourish your body you’re reminded of your intentions, journal, or make a good ol’ vision board. The point here is to “speak” your goals out into the universe. You don’t even have to believe in the law of attraction or magic or whatever. At its very root these acts are about goal setting and motivation. You can wish all you want but if you aren’t willing to do the the work you won’t get far. This is about sending yourself reminders, ditching self-sabotaging thoughts, and getting your head in the game. Using the moon cycle is a just a nice way to keep yourself checking in with your goals, progress, and thought process along the way. What are your Summer goals? How do you like to plan?

Chill Summer

Let’s be real here. This is gearing up to be the chillest Summer ever by necessity. Social distancing is still happening and most people are acting accordingly but that doesn’t mean Summer is a bust! Anyone who grew up broke knows what it is to just chill all Summer. Run around outside, take in the sun, do nothing and everything all Summer long. When we were kids we hung our best friends were (and still are) are our moms friends kids. They were family. If we had to make a bubble back then I know exactly who’d have been in it. A lot of people are about to learn what that life’s all about. How you approach it is going to make all the difference. Are you ready to kick it old school this Summer? How’s your Summer playlist coming along? It’s time to set the tone!

However you decide to celebrate the Solstice, I hope it kicks off a great Summer for you!



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