RandoReview: Pure Anada Shea Butter Hand Cream

Product: Pure Anada Shea Butter Hand Cream

Company: Pure Anada

Cruelty-Free: Yes

Vegan: Yes

Ingredients: Natural & Organic

Packaging: plastic, tin

Purchased/Received: purchased

Canadian Company: Yes!



  • Simple and natural ingredients.
  • Long lasting softness.
  • Comes in Unscented which is great for the whole family.
  • Canadian Made


  • I purchased the Tropical Coconut this time and I find the scent a little too strong. I prefer a milder scent.
  • It takes a minute or two to dry BUT it’s worth it fro the excellent moisturizing.

Final Thoughts

  • Nice and thick, so it really sticks and soaks into dry hands. It takes a moment of two to dry but that’s really a testament to the real ingredients (oils) found in this product. I suffer from dry skin, plus I constantly have my hands in water because kids are messy, but this hand cream does a great job of keeping my hands in good condition.