Summer Wrap Up: The Rona Edition

It’s been a weird Summer… to say the least. It started with a wall of restrictions and depending on where you live you may have had some lifted or some added. It’s Posting Season in the Canadian Forces world which means many families had to move across Canada or even the world during all of this. I don’t envy those posted this year. It sounds like an absolute shitshow.

We’ve been fairly lucky though. Because the numbers on the island have been extremely low (and even the one “real” flare up we had was mostly contained to one traceable source) we’ve been able to make it down to Level Two with some ease. The Atlantic Bubble was also a coup for those with friends and family in the surrounding provinces.

I’d say the biggest hit we took this Summer is that the kids weren’t able to make friends in the neighbourhood. The homeschool community in our town is basically relegated to us and one other family. They are super cool and we love meeting up with them but they only have one child. She’s lovely, and they’ve become fast friends, but I think Grey (specifically) was hoping to make “her own” friend this year and not being able to really run around this Summer put a damper on her plans. They did manage to play “along side” the kids next door a couple times so we’ll see where that goes.

With all that being said we did manage to have some fun. Things were weirdly quiet in most places and we had to bring our masks with us everywhere, but we still got out on some tiny local adventures!

On our tiniest trip we headed about 30minutes out of town to visit Joe’s Lookout!

We drove up to Twillingate, which is tiny and cute, and has the worst roads ever in the history if shotty roads! (And we’re from Pot Hole Ontario so that’s saying something!) On this trip we accepted that O gets motion sickness on winding roads. He’d been sick once before on a road trip but that’s it. We did the drive from Ontario to Newfoundland, including a ferry, with no issues! Turns out it’s just really winding roads that does him in. I guess rollercoasters are out of the question than?

We visited a tiny local ice cream parlour, Snow’s Cones, on E’s birthday. Out of the six of us she’s our only Summer birthday so we gotta get outside for it! Plus birthday waffles, because…BIRTHDAY WAFFLES!

The best thing we did this Summer was swim in the sea! We drove out to Eastport and spent the day at Sandy Cove Beach. It was so salty and beautiful. We even saw jellyfish, something you don’t usually see when you grow up in cottage country surrounded by lakes! The beach was nice and sandy but with plenty of sea-smoothed pebbles for the kids to pick through.

We did plenty of tooling around the back yard as well. Swimming in their little pool, jumping through the sprinkler, reading on the deck. I’m definitely grateful to have that space during this pandemic…I mean, once the snow melted of course!

We’ve got one long-weekend left and then it’s back-to-school next week. Another Summer in the books and although super weird, we made the best best of it! I hope y’all were able to as well.