Back To “School” 2020

Don’t call it a come back! I’ve been here for years…..well, we did take the Summer off! The morning air is crisp as hell and pumpkin scones are on the menu. Back-to school is here! I know some of you started somewhere over the last few weeks, but where I grew up we always started the day after Labour Day and it works for us. It’s nice to have that last long weekend followed by a short week to ease back in.

And so, we’re easing. It’s the first day back and we’re keeping it light. Getting back on schedule, setting expectations, and doing some fun activities. G actually has a big dentist appointment scheduled for Friday so it’s good that we’re keeping it low-key instead of going full force this week.

We’re all starting this school year in a cloud of uncertainty. Whether you’re homeschoolers, unschoolers, or brick&mortar schoolers no one knows exactly what this year will look like. All we can do is be open and roll with it the best we can. There doesn’t seem to be any right answers out there. Every family is doing their best under the circumstances and we need to support each other. I hope this school year goes as smoothly as it can and that our ever resilient children continue to grow, learn, and surprise us the way they always do!

No matter how you’re getting starter, alllons-y!



First Day of JK