Top 5: Halloween Movie Night

Plans are dicey this year. Let’s not pretend that it’s going to be a normal Halloween. Trick or Treating will be off the table in a lot of communities and parties are pretty much a hard no. That doesn’t mean Halloween is cancelled. Halloween is a state of mind, folks. It ain’t going nowhere! So let’s talk movie night, or at the very least all of the movie nights leading up to the big show. I love watching Halloween movies with my kids and although Netflix Canada doesn’t have all of my favourites (Ernest Scared Stupid) I’ll share with you some of my other faves that they do offer!

Top 5: Halloween Movie Night

Casper (1995)


Obviously! OBVIOUSLY! If you aren’t about that “can I keep you” life I don’t even know what to tell you…your childhood was trash. I’m sorry. Jokes aside (I wasn’t joking), Casper is an actual classic. Fifteen minutes of Devon Sawa at peak Tiger Beat. Christina Ricci finding her place beside Wynona Ryder in the Halloween zeitgeist. Bill Pullman! Eric Idle!! Cathy effing Moriarty! Ugh, so good! All 11 year old Candice wanted was an old lace wedding dress, a haunted house, and a ghost friend!

Hotel Transylvania (2012)


I may or may not (I am) be biased because of the Andy Samberg factor BUT this is a cute movie and my kids loved it. G went through a two week phase after the third instalment where they were all she wanted to watch on rotation. Now there’s even an adorable show to go with it. I especially like this one because it helps introduce the classic Monsters to the next generation of spooky kids.

Coraline (2009)


If your kids are down for a little more creepiness, Coraline is a great choice. It’s an interesting story coupled with the richness of stop-motion animation. It’s based on a Neil Gaiman novella so if you know his work, you know you’re getting a good story!

Hulk: Where Monsters Dwell (2016)


If you’re a Marvel fan you can follow Hulk and friends on a mission to save NewYork from Nightmare, ruler of the Dream Dimension! These little side movies are great because you get to experience some of the other villains instead of watching the heroes origin story retold over and over again.

Monster House (2006)


Most spooky kids wish they could go on a romp through a haunted house, I know I did! Monster House follows three friends that are lucky enough to explore the one in their neighbourhood. Is it even Halloween without a haunted house story?

October is here y’all, let’s get spooky!