Top 5: Ways To Restart Your Homeschool Day

We’ve all been there. The day is not going as planned. Morning has quickly turned into a shitshow and you’re struggling to rally. Maybe your kids are out of sorts, had a rough night, or don’t like the work. Maybe you binged your favourite show too late into the night, or woke up on the wrong side of the bed. We’ve all had a day that just needs a restart, so let’s talk about a few ways to do that.

Top 5: Ways To Restart Your Homeschool Day

One Song Dance Party

This is my favourite (and the fastest) way to turn the day around. More often than not we all just need to shake out the sillies….or garbage attitudes. Pick your favourite, danciest song, and just bust out! The Buttons love it and it works!


Get out. That’s it. Get outside if the weather is tolerable, if not let them play with their toys or do a puzzle. We all need a break sometimes and it doesn’t always fit into our neatly organised schedule. The worksheet will still be there when you get back in!

Change It Up

There’s so much to learn and not all of it (some would argue most of it) isn’t learned in books. You can do worksheets all day but it can’t compare to getting your hands dirty. When kids are fidgety and uninterested in their workbooks it’s okay to change it up! Baking and cooking are great alternatives because they get to practice reading, math and science in a tangible way. Not to mention, the gratification of enjoying their finished product!

Dial It Back

Was there any feeling better than getting to class to find that rickety old tv stand, with its blocky tv and shiny VCR strapped on, parked at the front of the class? Just because we homeschool doesn’t mean we have to deny our children that simple pleasure! Sometimes a movie is just the ticket and we live in an age where we have so many educational options right at our fingertips. No relying on your teachers limited VHS collection or the tragic options found in the school library. Most families have at least one streaming option already set up on there tv and all of them have something to offer. One of our favourites is putting on a documentary and drawing all of the animals we see. You can use a big strip of paper so everyone can draw together.

Throw In The Towel

Obviously you can’t do this everyday, but once in awhile it’s okay to call it. If you’ve been riding the struggle bus all morning and nothing is getting accomplished anyway, it may be time to de-board. Children learn more when they’re having fun. Crying into your math book isn’t actually a productive use of time. Kids need to learn when it’s time to call it quits and they learn that from us. Don’t wait for a pretend tummy ache to recognise when your kids need a break. Plus, let’s be honest, your kids will keep learning even if it’s not in the lesson plan that day. Play a videogame together, go for a hike, discover a new podcast, or curl up on the couch and read to them while they play.

Some days will go better than others. That’s true of everyone, everywhere, always, and forever. You’re doing okay. Some days you’ll have a one song dance party, somedays you’ll decide to start the day after lunch. Some days you’ll go for a hike. Your kids will remember the details less than they’ll remember how they felt. They’ll remember that you dance and laughed. They’ll remember being outside and having fun. They won’t remember learning but THEY WILL. It’s okay to start fresh after lunch. Or start fresh tomorrow morning. It’s okay to have a bad day. It’s how you choose to tackle the next one that matters. Do you roll with the punches or keep letting them knock you out?

You got this!

Happy Homeschooling y’all!