Top 5: Holiday Movie Night (kids edition)

From the Winter Solstice springs a plethora of holiday celebrations and here in Canada we’re pretty much all in from November 1st (somber moment on the 11th for Remembrance Day not withstanding). The snow has already started falling (intermittently) in most provinces, and the temperature is dropping quick. Movie nights are a great way to stay warm and have fun together when the weather is blustery. So throw your gingerbread cookies in the oven and check out my fave kid-friendly holiday movies on Netflix Canada!

*Unfortunately Netflix Canada doesn’t have much by way of non-Christmas holiday movies, which is disappointing. Hopefully they’ll get more variety as the season progresses.

Top 5: Holiday Movie Night (kids edition)

Arthur Christmas (2011)


I may like this one even more than the Buttons do! Honestly, the story is sweet, but also pretty clever. Little kids will enjoy the opening gift-delivery sequence as it “answers” a lot of questions they might have. There’s lots a cool little details (like Steve’s goatee) and Bill Nighy as grand-Santa is the best/funniest character I’ve ever seen in a kids Christmas movie!

Rise Of The Guardians (2012)


This movie is so great and isn’t about Christmas! It has a surly Russian Santa amongst a host of other holiday Guardians but the story is actually about Jack Frost and The Boogey Man. I wouldn’t suggest it for littler kids if they’re sensitive about nightmares, but over all it can be enjoyed by most ages. I really enjoyed this movie because it uses the traditional holiday characters in a different way and it’ kind of a breath of fresh air.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey (2020)


Jingle Jangle isn’t out yet (coming this Friday!) but it’s highly anticipated….by me anyway. An all-star cast backs newcomer Madalen Mills as her characters sets out to save her family, family business, and the Christmas itself!

Klaus (2019)


This heartwarming tale of understanding, co-operation, and joyfulness is made even richer by combining traditional hand-drawn animation with volumetric lighting and texturing. The mix produces something clear and rich but also a touch 3-D, reminiscent of a beautiful Christmas card.

The Christmas Chronicles (2018)


Santa and Mrs. Clause are played by Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn….I mean, that’s the movie right there! This one makes a good family film because it’s fun and funny for kids but doesn’t forget the parents watching either.

Wishing you a cozy night in with your fave peeps!