Top5: Artsy New Year’s Resolutions


That’s it. That’s the resolution. Create more. Create freely. Submerse myself in other artist works. Fall in love with art all over again. This isn’t a new year/new me kind of resolution but a new year/more me resolution. To embrace that goal here are my..

Top5: 2021 Artsy New Year’s Resolutions


I used to journal fairly consistently in high school. Then I didn’t for a bit, then I found all of my old journals and threw them in the trash. It was necessary. There was absolutely nothing in those pages I ever want to remember. After that I never really got back into it. Not in any meaningful way, but journaling is actually a great way to practice transferring your thoughts to paper. From a practical side, I could use the practice to encourage my story writing.


Every list of writing advice tells me to read more. I love reading, but I don’t prioritise it as much as I should and that’s not something I’m proud of. The power went out a few weeks ago and I read an entire novella in bed. The story wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever read or anything, but it felt great to just read. My last book was an audio book and I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. It was nice to be able to listen in while doing other tasks BUT that also means constantly doing other tasks instead of just focusing on reading. I’ll definitely be prioritising more reading time this year.

Short Stories

I’ve always leaned towards a short story in my own writing but somewhere along the way I got in my own head about it. Somewhere in the back of my mind I convinced myself they weren’t good enough? Which is preposterous because I love reading other peoples short stories. I think I got it in my head that if I couldn’t write a full novel I shouldn’t even try. This is peak ‘blank page syndrome’. You can stare at a blank page all day but you can’t edit nothing. Just start writing and see where it takes you. I’m going to embrace my love of short stories and focus on them for awhile. We’ll see how it goes.


Nothing on this website would indicate to you that I can draw. That’s because I haven’t been. Not really. A few little side projects, usually for the kids, but I can’t remember the last time I sat down with my sketchbook and really got in to it. I miss it. It used to be such a huge part of me but I put it away. Partially because it was messy (painting or taking out my pencil crayons) and my kids were little and making their own messes that I didn’t want to add to. Partially because I was focusing on other things and that’s fine, but I’m ready to dive back in.


I love researching and learning new things. On the creative side of things I’m very interested in digital art and design. In grade 5 or 6 we all took a career test and got to spend the day at a job that matched our results. I spent the day at a design firm. I remember loving their desks. Covered in art supplies, big screens (that was a big deal back then!), magazine/photo clippings pinned up, and cool toys. I adored that they could have all these little figurines lined up over their screens. They all seemed so interesting and creative and I had the best time. This is a memory that I still come back to often. Developing this blog over the years has lead me down similar self-learning paths and I’m looking forward to learning more about it this year.

What are your resolutions like this year? Are you trying to create a whole new you or embrace the parts of you that are already fantastic? It’s so easy to make an outlandish list but so very hard to stick to it. Chunk it down. Keep it real. Focus on the things you really want to accomplish and then make a list of steps. Maybe you just want to drink more water? Start with one tall glass a day. Maybe you want to listen to new bands? “Follow” your friends on Spotify and listen to one of their playlists. Maybe you want to get up earlier? Start with 15 minutes. Do you want to learn something new? Start a Pinterest board dedicated to that topic.

We got this, so let’s get after this year together! Happy New Year y’all!