Top5: Summer Vibes on NetflixCA (2021)

The heat is finally here, but that kind of Summer are we having? The world is slowly and cautiously opening back up and I can hear the whisper of freedom floating on the breeze. Full on travel seems lofty and festivals seem like a distant dream, but friends and family seem accessible. The vibe I’m getting is local road trips and chill friend hangs. I’m feeling low-key 70’s Summer. A real bikes on the front lawn, fire pits, rock n’ roll, windows down, road trips to small towns with great ice cream shops kind of Summer. It’s giant pickles and rose coloured glasses. It’s a cotton candy Summer baby!

I love when a movie or show really sets the mood for the season, so here are my picks for Summer 2021!

Top5: Summer Vibes on NetflixCA

Glam Summer: Halston (2021)


Slip into your shoulder pads and relive the ups and downs of 70’s high fashion with Ewan McGregor as Roy Halston Frowick, known mononymously as Halston. If you want to live your most glamorous Summer, this is the party you’re looking for!

Nostalgic Summer: Dope (2015)


The outfits, the angst, the Summer in the city!

Adventure Summer: The Lovebirds (2020)


Silliness, comedy, and action combine as mishaps abound in this fun date night movie!

Foodie Summer: Street Food Latin America (2020)


*and Street Food Asia (2019)

We can’t travel the world quite yet but we can take in the sights and sounds of city Summer nights in Latin America by exploring their rich street food culture!

Summer 2021: Sweet Tooth (2021)


A new adventure just in time for the warmer months! Let’s set the tone for Summer adventure with this graphic novel adaptation.

Also worth checking out:

Outer Banks
Always Be My Maybe (2019)
Sense & Sensibility (1995)

Wishing you all warm days and light breezes. Ontario peaches and tummy-ache free ice cream. A great pair of sunnies and the perfect playlist!



What kind of Summer are you hoping for? Tell me your favourite Summer vibe movies!