2021 Gift Guides: The Bookish One

It’s me. I’m your bookish friend! This list was super easy because it’s just a bunch of stuff from my own Wishlist! So if you have a friend like me, look no further….

Gift Guide: The Bookish One

Something They Want: This simple and sleek design is both stylish and functional. The base is wide enough to hold a variety of books but also doesn’t apply pressure to the spine. This is the kind of thing a book lover might not want to spend money on for themselves but would love to have on their desk or kitchen counter!

*Nota FSC Wood Bookstand at *Chapters/Indigo

Something They Need: I continue to maintain that buying books and reading books are too different hobbies! Do your bookish friends a favour and give them the opportunity to peruse the bookshelves with abandon! This is an ‘experience’ gift. Trust me!

Straight up gift cards y’all! at *Chapters/Indigo

Something To Wear: Is there anything more comfy than a Smash+Tess romper to read in? They’ve got the whole family covered with a variety of sizes and designs this year. The perfect gear for every adventure your books take you on!

Monday Romper by *Smash+Tess at *Chapters/Indigo

Something To Read: How The One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House by Cherie Jones is actually on my personal reading list right now. The story turns the usual “paradise resort” genre on its head by bringing authentic and intriguing characters into play. This isn’t a story about people vacationing in Barbados but a story about Barbadians living in a resort town. I can’t wait to read it!

How The One-Armed Sister Sweeps Her House by Cherie Jones at *Chapters/Indigo

Stocking Stuffers:

If you’re shopping in person this year I hope the shelves are stocked and the lines are short! If it’s online for you, I wish you speedy delivery times and really good boxes to ‘keep for later’!



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