Let’s Call It A Hiatus

Whew! That was a long break. It wasn’t planned but it was necessary. 2022 has been so busy and this Summer was an absolute whirlwind. As much as I love this space and enjoy social media, anyone following along so far knows it’s one of the first things I put down when things start leaning towards overwhelming. We had a lot going on and something had to give.

All of that being said, it was good stuff! We had a lot of big changes that were time consuming, but worth it in the end.

We had a Staycation! B’s sister and her fam came up for a week so we could explore Newfoundland one last time before the move. The weather didn’t always co-operate but we had an awesome time seeking out icebergs, hiking the most gorgeous trails, and seeing the sights. The best part is that we planned the whole thing without the Buttons knowing so they were thoroughly surprised when their cousins turned up at the door!

We moved across the country! Last time I posted we were still in Newfoundland. Since then we’ve driven across the country to our new posting in Alberta. It was an incredible road trip and we had the most fun. We saw some giant stuff, ate all the food, and visited family and friends along the way. The prep was frustrating and since our new posting is also considered “semi-isolated” we had to do the screening process again which I feel is a waste of my time. You basically go through a list of inconveniences to show that your lives won’t be ruined by the posting. I genuinely believe that you should only have to do it if you have a reason to. YOU know if your family can’t handle the type of posting or not. If you want to bring any issues up you should absolutely be able to, otherwise, just leave me alone! *nervous laugh

I started a new job! Should I have applied for a job in the middle of prepping for a cross county move….maybe not. Did I? For sure! If I’m honest, it took a lot of building myself up to do it and if I hadn’t done it then I’m not sure how long it would have been before I tried again. If you know me personally, you know it takes me some prep time to do “public” or “social” things. You call it anxiety, I call it…..anxiety. ANNNYway, I did it. And I got it. And I attended my first virtual training meeting from the car on a road trip across 6.5 provinces! It was a hell of a first few weeks! But it was worth it because I like my company and my coworkers and it’s completely remote so I can take it with me on postings to come.

We got a puppy! If you’ve met my daughters you know full well that they were dying for a pet. It was at the point that G was willing to settle for a fish. We were not going to get a dog during our short Newfoundland posting as we knew we didn’t want to take them on the 7hr ferry ride. Once back on the mainland though, we were out of excuses. His name is Raylan and he’s the cutest Golden Retriever ever. He’s also an absolute sock hound and is addicted to snacks! The kids are over the moon about this new addition to the family.

We also did a million other things like celebrate E’s birthday and go trick or treating! Like I said, it has been busy!

Here’s to me doing a better job posting as the year winds down and a new one begins! I hope your 2022 was full of joy and adventure as well.