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End of a Season

My baby season is coming to an end. It's bittersweet to be sure but there's also the scent of looming freedom on the breeze. I wouldn't describe it in the sense of shackles releasing but like a blanket of snow melting in the spring. There's a weight to it. A warm quilt that envelopes your… Continue reading End of a Season

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Mama, Me

  My children are alive. I'm doing okay. Some days they even thrive. Hip hip hooray! Most days they laugh and smile. I'm succeeding in some way. They make me laugh too, every single day. Sometimes they fight, but I have some sway. Sometimes they hug, and I get my way. They'll have rough days, that… Continue reading Mama, Me

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O x 7

Seven. SEVEN? WHAAAAT? How? When? A minute ago he was turning one. Waddle walking around and climbing onto the couch. Now he's seven. Running, jumping, parkouring off of my furniture seven! All of the science says that 6 is a big year. Their brains go through a huge change. Who they really are starts to… Continue reading O x 7

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That first year. Oh man, that first year. No matter how many times you do it, it's a whirlwind. Love, hormones, exhaustion, schedules, diapers, outfit changes, milestone after milestone, (did I mention the love?) all coming at you from every direction. Whirling, spinning, tightening, and releasing. I made a conscious effort to savour the moments.… Continue reading One

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Goodbye Baby, Hello Threenager!

Baby G is no more. She is, officially, a Threenager. It's been about 5 days and she's already changing so much. Her sentences have really expanded in the last few days, and her pronunciation has sharpened. To some that may sound trivial, but most parents know how drastic that can feel. These are the years… Continue reading Goodbye Baby, Hello Threenager!

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Big Kids At The Park

I don't think I'm the only parent that prefers an empty park. Who tries to avoid the after school rush when possible. When your kids are still small it can be fairly stressful and frustrating. Sometimes there are pushy kids, bitey kids, sand throwers, and grabbers. Sometimes there are snot covered kids, and kids who… Continue reading Big Kids At The Park

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Jenson Baird

January 8th, 2016 5:30am- Contractions start. 2.5 minutes apart. (As usual!) I leave a message on the midwives pager system. She returns my call within' minutes. She's at the hospital with a woman who's water broke the night before but hadn't progressed. She's on her way but she's also dispatching a back-up. The kids are… Continue reading Jenson Baird