Family Day at the National Air Force Museum


April is designated as Month Of The Military Child so I thought I’d share an event we attended at the base museum awhile back.

For those of you who don’t know, the husband shaped one is a tech in the Canadian Air Force. It’s been about 5 years and so far we’ve moved twice. First to a training base, and then to our current base. Thus far our children have been relatively unperturbed. Firstly, because they were/are very young, and secondly because we homeschool and didn’t have to pull a freshly minted kindergartener out of school during our second move. (The latter will continue to be a benefit if we’re posted again.) A lot of kids haven’t had it so easy.

We’ve also been lucky in B’s choice of trade. It doesn’t deploy often (if ever), and since we’re at a big base a lot of courses take place here so he’s not sent away to learn new things. For Forces kids, those can be hard separations. O and E barely remember B being gone for Basic training, so we’ve definitely lucked out so far.

Since the kids are the ones that are the most disrupted by all the moving around and courses and deployments and meeting new people, each base tries to have a variety of programs, activities, and events for them to participate in. On Family Day the National Air Force Museum at our base held a Rescue themed event, and we went over and checked it out!





Needed a nap/snack/hug-combo…so unimpressed!



This was a fun and educational event and we all had a great day running around the museum getting stamps and stickers at the different stations. It’s always great for kids to be able to learn a little more about what their parent does, especially when it’s as all-encompassing as this career.



*Special thanks to the National Air Force Museum for holding a great Family Day event!*