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End of a Season

My baby season is coming to an end. It's bittersweet to be sure but there's also the scent of looming freedom on the breeze. I wouldn't describe it in the sense of shackles releasing but like a blanket of snow melting in the spring. There's a weight to it. A warm quilt that envelopes your… Continue reading End of a Season

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Seasonal Planning

I get caught up in long-term plans. It stretches out endlessly getting looser and holier as I go. But by the time a season has passed I hate how I've blocked out my planner. I loath the font I've chosen. I'm sickened by the schedule I've created. The problem is, I also know the benefits… Continue reading Seasonal Planning

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7 Days Without Coffee

Day 1: My body didn't kick the headaches, kids live here and I wasn't caffeinated. Day 2: My body didn't learn to feel energized off of good clean food, kids live here and I wasn't caffeinated. Day 3: I almost drop-kicked everyone in this family at least twice. Kids live here and so does my… Continue reading 7 Days Without Coffee

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Out Of The Cave and Into The Pool

For us, Winter is about hibernation. We go sledding and stuff but we don't schedule a lot of activities. I'm not going to be on time. I used to be an "early" person, but my kids don't care about that. 4 snowsuits, 4 hats, 4 scarves, 8 boots, 8 mittens, I can't. I just can't… Continue reading Out Of The Cave and Into The Pool