The Autumn People

Winter people are warmth. They bring fire filled hearths, gingerbread cookies, the fuzziest slippers. They string up the twinkle lights making the coldest nights sparkle. Spring people are our gardeners. The motivators and encouragers. They bring patience, planning, and foresight. They know how to sow the earth and work the land. They always make the best of a fresh start. Summer people are the life of the party. They’re the fun ones. The free-spirits. They bring everyone out and remind us that anything and everything can be cause for celebration. But Summer is over…

Now is the time of The Autumn People. This time of year brings a creative energy to us that can’t be matched the rest of the year. The second a cool breeze wisps passed our nose, the weight of the Summer lifts off our shoulders. Though layered in sweaters and scarves, we feel lighter than ever. The changing of the leaves sparks our creativity. The harvest is here and the cold is coming. Historically this is the gathering time. Autumn people are gatherers. Picking the apples, baking the pies, spinning the wool. We’re knitting the scarves and crocheting the mittens. We’re pulling out our pencils and sketching by the fire. Everything is earthy and warm and we are the burrowers.

Bring on the pumpkins, layers, and boots. Bring on the canning, baking, crochet hooks. Bring on the cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. We’ve got wool piled high. We’re ready to go.



What Season are you?