Top5: Irish Turns Of Phrase

After forcing B to rewatch all of Derry Girls with me, it got me thinking of all the Irish turns of phrase that I adore. If you’re like me and enjoy the occasional UK show you’ve probably stumbled onto a few you like as well. Obviously, we have our own version of some of these in Canada but not all of them fit as well or are half as fun as their Irish counterparts. Here are some of my favourites:

Top 5 Irish Turns Of Phrase That I just Really Like

‘havin’ a whinge’

This is so much more specific than just saying that you’re whining or complaining. It encompasses that feeling of just wanting to wallow in your feelings for a bit. I don’t think we have anything comparable to this turn of phrase. We’re left to an explanation which usually just comes off as making excuses. No excuse needed, sometimes we just need to whinge a bit.

‘takin’ the piss’

Our closest equivalent is telling someone they’re full of shit. It doesn’t have the same ring to it though.

‘melting my head’

I imagine this is popular with all of the mothers of Ireland because it feels so fitting. Sometimes The Buttons are just so ridiculous and it does kind of feel like my brain is melting! I get it!

‘catch yourself on’

This is a Ma Marry from Derry Girls special and I love it! Our version of this is “get it together” or “get your shit together”. I like the way ‘catch yourself on’ rolls of the tongue though.

‘bunk off

In Canada we say ‘skip’ school/work. It’s just not as fun as saying bunk off! B bunked off a lot when we were in high school…..

What are your favourite turns of phrase from around the world?



*I had to go with the many looks of Ma Mary for the pictures. The costume department on this show is phenomenal!