Top 5: May Reading Round-Up

I’m going to start ending the month with the Top 5 books we read during the month! Be sure to tune in on the last Thursday of each month to find out what we’ve been reading!

Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman: I recently joined a bookclub and this was my first book. It’s a fairly short read with a nice little story that packs a punch. The main character is flawed and odd and an underdog. Frustrating at times, but strong without realising it. You want to root for her and I really liked that. (Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine at Chapters/Indigo)

James and the Giant Peach by Raold Dahl: This was on our read-aloud list and now Taika Waititi and Friends are reading it aloud on YouTube! We’re definitely taking advantage of this fun opportunity to have some of our favourite actors read to us. This has always been one of my favourite books and the kids are loving it. The movie is on Disney+ and I’m looking forward to watching again when we’re done listening to the book! (James and the Giant Peach at Chapters/Indigo)

Skinnamarink by Sharon, Lois, & Bram: The song of our childhoods spread throughout a beautifully illustrated story book can’t disappoint. J loves this one because we can’t read it without singing! (Skinnamarink at Chapters/Indigo)

The Hundred Dollar Robber: A Mystery With Money by Melinda Theilbar: Eva enjoyed this graphic novel she found on our public library app. (If you have a library card be sure to check your library’s website to see if they have an e-book program.) (The Hundred-Dollar Robber at Chapters/Indigo)

E “I never read a mystery before and I liked that they had to go all around the town to find the robber.”

Holes by Louis Sachar: O is nearly finished this one and he’s really enjoying it. It broaches quite a few subjects he doesn’t have experience with so it has sparked some good conversations. (Holes at Chapters/Indigo)

O “All the characters are kind of terrible at the start so you have to get to know them through the book to see if you like them.”

Did you read anything good this month?



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