Top 5: Halloween Traditions


Whether you love cutesy ghosts, creepy crawlers, witchy vibes, or a full on Haunted House, I AM HERE FOR IT! I love it all. I love walking through the leaves and seeing all of the different decorations people put up and seeing the kids light up every time we come across something really cool or creative.


I’ve always been partial to a costume. Getting into character is so fun, but I also enjoy designing and fabricating as well so it’s a win win for me. The kids sometimes get pretty lofty in their requests but so far I’ve been able to make it work! Plus kids are so cute when they recognise another kids costume.

Trick or Treating

Although I understand and appreciate that Trick or treating will be largely cancelled this year I’ll definitely miss it. It’s not just about the candy, it’s about the community. There are so few opportunities these days to get out and meet your neighbours. On Halloween everyones out in the streets, chatting, intermingling, and having fun together.

Setting A Place

During these cooler days many people take a moment to honour their ancestors or loved ones that have passed. Leaving flowers at their grave, trinkets on your window sill, lighting a candle, or setting an extra place at the dinner table are great ways to do just that. Even if all you can do is take a quiet moment to think of them, this is a fine time to do it.

Movie Night

After we get in and strip our costumes off, it’s time to watch a movie! Everyone’s amped and ready to eat some treats so bedtime isn’t happening anyway. We like to get into our jammies and curl up on the couch together for one of our favourite Halloween movies. I’m not terribly strict about candy but because it’s already sort of late I usually limit what they eat that night by making them a little list of things they can choose from. Like 1 chip bag, 2 chocolates, 1 sucker, 1 gummy. That way they still get to root through their stash (which is half the fun) and choose what they want.

Are you an old school pagan roots kind of person or a “hallmark holiday” sort of celebrator? Do you like to mix the old traditions with the new or keep it more traditional? What are your favourite Halloween traditions?

However you get down I’m wishing you all a very Happy Halloween!