O was born a week before his due date. It was unseasonably warm (like light sweater weather in March warm!). Seven hours total labour (including the 1.5 hours I wasn’t allowed to push) seemed pretty quick at the time. E had her own plans in mind (as she has ever since). She came two weeks early. She made me sick all day and then kick started , what felt like a whirlwind, three hour labour! She is the boss of everyone, including labour. No one can rival her stubbornness…or so I thought.


-Stepped into the kitchen and felt a weird “popping” feeling. (With O I didn’t feel my water break because I was still half asleep, with E it was broken during delivery)

5:40pm Contractions are already painful and less than 2 minutes apart!

6:15pm Arrive at the EMERGENCY ENTRANCE of the hospital, because I’m certain that this baby will be born in the car!

-A very nice paramedic wheelchaired me into Emerge while my mom* (who has been lovely and helpful over the last month) moved the car over.


Marceline Grey 7lbs5ounces Already giving her sister a run for her money;) Welcome to the world Baby G!

Luckily she came on the 22nd, and I was able to leave after 24hours so we made it home in time for Christmas. It was a very long, exhausting, and joyful week. Filled with family, friends, and our beautiful new daughter. I was pretty outraged that she wasn’t early, let alone late, but very happy that B was home from base. I know he would have been heartbroken if he’d had to wait days to meet his daughter. Overall, it was high drama, but well worth it. Now we go into a new year, full of adventures, with our fully complete family:)

See you in the new year!




*Since B was on base until the 20th, my mommy came to take care of me;) She was wonderful. She helped me with the kids when I was too round and exhausted to chase them, and in the end was a fantastic birthing buddy! It was a great experience for us to share. Mothers and daughters and daughters. I hope to share these moments with my girls one day. Our relationship has been turbulent at times, but I think this experience has helped repair some of the holes.

**The emergency room staff was hilarious! They were so excited to be doing something “fun”, that they were ALL in the room. There were even people standing in the hall. They all wanted to be in on the new baby action:) Everyone at Ottawa General was wonderful (as always).